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Terms and Conditions

Membership is $100.00

Weekly Draw - There will be one weekly draw on Thursday nights of $100.00 commencing Thursday 13/04/2023. This will continue for with weekly draws held on Thursday nights.

There will also be three special Saturday Night draws during the season.

Winners will be notified and results posted on the club Facebook page and online on our website as soon as possible after each draw.

Major Prizes - There is one major cash draw which will be drawn at the Senior Presentation night.

There is one major cash draw; 1st drawn out, - $2,500.00, 2nd $1,250.00 and 3rd $750.00.

Winners will be notified and results posted on the club Facebook page and on our website page as soon as possible after each draw.

Other details - You do not have to be present to collect the $100.00 weekly prizes or the major prizes if you are drawn out. Arrangements will be made to see each winner collects their prize, even a bank transfer is an option to avoid unnecessary contact.

Payment Options: It is ideal for you to pay by bank transfer, please contact Kris Dalitz for details.

If you are unable to do this electronically, Richard Crane has offered to take cash payments in his shop, Sportspower Murray Bridge, 22 Bridge Street Murray Bridge.



$100 Cash 

Week 1 #74 Sam DeMichele

Week 2 #91 Kevin Roberts (Bluey)

Week 3 #9 Geoff Pearson

Week 4 #98 Kym Thomas

Week 5 #144 Steve Cheriton

Week 6 #67 Graham Dalitz

Week 7 #113 Patrick O'Brien

Week 8 #128 Peter Langcake

Week 9 #88 Jamie Honner

Week 10 #60 Ashley Morrell

Week 11 #37 George Langsford

Week 12 #118 Andy Williams 

Week 13 #132 David Schenscher

Week 14 #68 Carlo DeMichele

Week 15 #86 James Clarke

Week 16 #120 Helen Daish

Week 17 #131 Andrew Martin

Week 18 #139 Sarsha Pearson

Bonus Draw 13/05/2023 #12 Marlene Daish

Bonus Draw  24/06/2023 #63 Craig Pearson

Bonus Draw  05/08/2023 #128 Peter Langcake

Major Prizes

1st Prize $2,500.00 #126 Rebecca Roberts

2nd Prize $1,250.00 #23 Louis DeMichele

3rd Prize $750.00 #112 Sarah Smith


2023 Members 

Please see attached a list of the 2023 100 Club Members 

> 2023 Members




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